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  • Small Business Saturday & Sunday Sale!

    Small Business Saturday & Sunday Sale!

    Join us in the celebration and support small businesses and all they do for their communities.  Bring your family and friends and enjoy 20% savings on select local products.  This sale will run Saturday 11/30 & Sunday 12/1.  No ECO Card required.

    Thank you for your support!

    Click here to learn more.

  • The Wellness Way Approach to Inflammation

    Fee: FREE

    Inflammation... you hear the term a lot, but really...what is it? What is going on in the body when something gets inflamed? Is inflammation the root of your illness? How harmful is chronic inflammation? How do you correct the problem naturally?

    We would love the opportunity to show you a different way...a unique way of approaching your health conditions and symptoms that has helped countless people feel better, think better, and be better - helping them re-write their life story.

    Join us for a FREE, HEALTHY dinner for you and your guest! That’s right, we’ll pick up the tab! You just come, relax, and enjoy an evening of learning and a nice meal.

    To register, call 262-650-0701.

  • It Takes Guts to Be Healthy!

    Fee: FREE

    A healthy digestive system is key for a healthy body, mind and immune system. Find out how improving digestion can impact life. In addition, learn how to help GERD (acid reflux), inflammatory bowel problems, IBS and more.  

    Hurry to reserve your space! Sign up by emailing: or call 262-695-9698.

    We can confirm your reservation by email or phone so be sure to leave your phone number / email address and which class you would like to attend to save you a seat.  

  • Friendship Bridge Handmade Craft Sale

    Host: Oconomowoc Circle of Friendship Bridge
    Fee: FREE

    Looking for unique and high quality Holiday gifts? 

    Saturday, December 7, Friendship Bridge will be here in our Harvest Cafe Dining Room offering beautiful Guatemalan artisan merchandise for sale including purses, jewelry, and ornaments.

    Also on sale will be the handmade wool mittens - "swittens"-  made from the sweaters many of you have kindly donated throughout the year in the basket at the checkout counters.  

    Your purchases support Guatemalan women entrepreneurs with microcredit AND provide you with some lovely Christmas gifts. 

    The Harvest Cafe will also be offering discounted local beverages during this time.

    Hope to see you December 7!  


    Friendship Bridge is a nonprofit organization that empowers impoverished Guatemalan women to create a better future for themselves, their children and their communities through microfinance and education. Friendship Bridge works primarily with indigenous populations in rural areas where the rate of poverty in Guatemala is the highest. While illiteracy and poverty rates are staggering in these regions, the women are determined to create a change.

  • Presence Makes Life Better

    Host: Hosted by: Thrive - a human development company
    Fee: FREE

    Presence Makes Life Better
    This free workshop explores how presence makes life better. What does presence mean to you? How does practicing presence help make life better? We’ll explore it, practice it, expand it, and learn how to live it. 

    Save your Seat -


  • Pressure Point Therapy

    Fee: FREE

    This is a hands-on technique that attendees will learn how to alleviate pain and health conditions through applying pressure to specific points to help unlock energy.

    You will learn the secrets of pressure point therapy, how to locate and help release these stress points.

    Some of the conditions these techniques help with include: headaches, tension, low energy, sinus problems, neck, back, or shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, PMS, digestive issues, and more.

    Hurry to reserve your space! Sign up by emailing: or call 262-695-9698.

  • Holistic Moms Network - Tactical Empathy to Transcend Holiday Stress

    Host: Lake Country Holistic Moms Network
    Fee: Free

    Join us in Good Harvest's Loft area to learn Tactical Empathy to Transcend Holiday Stress with Transformational Speaker & Healer, Jaimie Marie!

    Empathy is the ability to feel and experience the emotional states of others around us, including the energy of a room, place, or environment. Empathy was designed to be your greatest superpower and strength, as well as, your best tool for building meaningful relationships. 

    So.... Why is it that what’s supposed to be one of your greatest superpower’s, often brings forth so much stress? Why is it that empathy often leaves you feeling exhausted, disconnected, and unable to share the joy you long to share in your relationships? (Especially during the holiday season!) 

    Because you have not yet learned how to use empathy tactically! 

    Join the Lake Country chapter of Holistic Mom's Network and Transformational Speaker & Healer, Jaimie Marie, and learn how to implement Tactical Empathy in order to build connections, heal relationships, and TRANSCEND HOLIDAY STRESS! 

    Transformational speaker and healer, Jaimie Marie, is an Advanced Energy Medicine expert with a mission to end all cycles of disconnection that exist within our world. Through a proven process of education and empowerment, Jaimie grounds clients in their bodies and guides them into the fullness of healing (mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual) for generations to come. 

    As a natural born intuitive, Jaimie has been developing and fine tuning her expertise in the intuitive arts and human energy field since she was a young child. A continual seeker of knowledge, Jaimie enrolled in the School of Energy Medicine, and graduated top of her class in May 2014. In June of the same year, she opened a full-service holistic health and wellness company, Soul Bottom Wellness, located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Through her work, service, and passion, Jaimie has been able to touch the lives of thousands of individuals, both men and women, ranging in age from 5 years old to late 80’s. 

    Jaimie’s contagious and transformational energy has touched many platforms and stages, including: 
    - Waukesha County Trauma Informed Care Partnership - Early Childhood Development of Waukesha County - Foster Care Family Support - YPO Forums (Young Presidents Organization) - Milwaukee County Treatment Court System - Milwaukee’s Morning Blend 

    Who are we??
    Holistic Moms Network is a membership-based organization. We encourage parenting from the heart, natural health, and green living. Try out an event or two if you’re considering becoming a member. For a $30 tax deductible annual fee, you gain access to weekly playgroups, local and national chat boards, Mom's Night Out events and so much more. Member scholarships available! Learn more here:

    *Babes in arms welcome. Please no toddlers or older children out of respect to our presenters*

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  • Christmas Hours

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