Catering Menu

Inquire with Kelly or Jeremy about our many choices for your upcoming corporate or special event.  Our chefs will design a menu just for you featuring fresh, organic, healthy, and delicious entrees & sides.

The cafe menu can be ordered "to-go" for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Special dietary needs can be met on most items.  Notify us of any food allergies when placing your order.

Please place your order three business days in advance.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute requests.  Special events may require an advance deposit.

Click here for a copy of catering menu.

Menu and prices are subject to change due to seasonal availability.


Organic Breakfast

Organic or Gluten Free Muffins 36.99/12
Assorted varieties of fresh baked organic or gluten free muffins, house-made by our own bakery specialist.

Organic Strata (Ham & Cheese or Spinach & Feta) 39.99/12
Fresh organic bread and local Milo’s Organic Farm Fresh Eggs baked together with a variety of fillings in muffin form.  Like an easy to eat quiche!

Organic Quiche (Denver, Cheese, or Spinach & Feta) 9” 13.99/ea or GF 14.99/ea
Classic French Quiche.  Tender toasted organic pie crust and local Organic Farm Fresh Eggs stuffed with a variety of organic and natural fillings.

Croissant Platter Large $24.99/12 ea +$8.99 8oz Jelly & Butter Mini $11.99/12 $4.99 4oz Jelly & Butter
Freshly baked non GMO croissants. Serve with option Organic Jelly (Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry) and House Whipped Local Honey Butter. 

Coffee serves 10-12 people  $23.99
In house brewed Local Coffee.
Colectivo Light, Dark or Decaf. 
1 pot refilled or 2 pots.  For in house use. Comes with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Organic Half & Half, stevia, local honey and organic cane sugar. 

Local Rishi Tea $1.99/ind  or $22.99/12ct assorted
For in house use. Comes with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Organic Half & Half, stevia, local honey and organic cane sugar.


Party Trays

Small: Serves 10-12   |   Medium: Serves 18-20   |   Large: Serves 32-36

Organic Seasonal Fruit 55.99|75.99|95.99
A seasonal selection of fresh organic fruit.

Organic Crudité with Organic Hummus 49.99|69.99|89.99
A seasonal selection of crisp organic vegetables served with your choice of house-made organic hummus.  (Choose from Traditional, Spinach Feta, or Roasted Red Pepper)

Local, Organic and Natural Cheese Board 55.99|75.99|95.99
Freshly sliced local organic Cedar Grove Cheddar, organic Cedar Grove Marble Colby, organic Cedar Grove Pepper Jack, local Deppeler’s Baby Swiss, and local BelGioioso Provolone.

Natural Boar’s Head Cold Cuts 59.99|79.99|99.99
An arranged selection of all-natural Boar’s Head cold cuts including Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey, Tuscan Turkey, Smoked Ham and Oven Roasted Turkey.

Organic Whole-Grain Wraps 90.99|160.99|230.99
Organic Sonoma whole-grain wraps with a select variety of styles including house organic rotisserie chicken salad, house organic curry chicken salad, house tuna salad, natural ham & Swiss, turkey and Colby, and organic very vegan.

Local Charcuterie Platter 49.99|69.99|89.99                                                              Please contact our Specialty Department directly for offerings and availability of local cheese and specialty platters.

Smoked Salmon 39.99|59.99|79.99                                                                                      Rich house-made smoked salmon spread, tart caper cream cheese, and organic black pepper water crackers.

Shrimp Ring (1lb) 29.99/#
Sweet and tender, sustainably harvested shrimp, gently steamed and served with organic lemon and tangy organic cocktail sauce.

​(For a custom Cheese Platter, please contact our Specialty Department for season/local varieties and pricing.)


Hot & Cold Appetizers

Organic Local Deviled Eggs 13.99/12
Organic Farm Fresh Eggs, gently steamed with a creamy whipped filling.

Gluten Free Meatballs (Plain or with Sauce) 10.99-12.99/12
Tender hand-formed meatballs made of grass-fed beef.  Choose from Plain, Swedish, Marinara or BBQ sauced.

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip 9.99/#
Organic spinach and organic artichoke hearts blended together with local BelGioioso parmesan, minced organic garlic, organic lemon, and our house Mediterranean spice in a warm and creamy dip.


Cold Sides & Salads

3lbs - Serves 8-10

Organic Curry Chicken Salad (gf) 39.99
Organic rotisserie roasted chicken blended together with mild curry spices, organic red onion, organic celery, organic bell pepper, organic roasted cashews, and organic raisins, with a hint of local honey and lemon in a creamy sauce.

Sesame Kale Salad (gf) 26.99
Deep green organic Lacinato Kale, sliced thin and lightly blanched, then combined with shredded organic carrot, organic red bell pepper and organic green onion, then tossed with garlic ginger tamari and toasted sesame.

Organic Greek Salad (gf) 36.99
Cool organic cucumber, organic bell pepper, organic red onion and organic cherry tomatoes with natural Kalamata olives and feta cheese in house-made Greek vinaigrette.

Organic Cranberry Almond Quinoa (gf) 29.99
Toasted and steamed organic quinoa, tossed together with organic sweetened dried cranberries, cool organic cucumber, organic toasted almond and organic parsley with organic lemon and organic Greek yogurt.

Organic Backyard Potato Salad (gf) 24.99
Classic creamy potato salad made from steamed organic red potato, diced organic red onion, diced organic celery, and Organic Farm Fresh Eggs in a sauce of tangy organic dill mayonnaise.

Organic Vegetable Lo Mein Salad 24.99
Tender pasta with shelled organic edamame, organic green onion, sautéed organic button mushrooms, organic carrot, organic bell pepper, and organic cilantro, in garlic ginger tamari sauce.

Organic Creamy Slaw (gf) 22.99
Classic creamy style coleslaw.  Thinly shredded organic green cabbage and organic carrot in our house-made, sweet and creamy dressing with a hint of tangy zip.

Organic Picnic Slaw (gf) 22.99
Classic vinegar style coleslaw.  Thinly shredded organic red and green cabbage with organic carrot in a sweet and tangy apple cider vinaigrette.


The Main Course

1/2 - 2/3 lb per person recommended

Turkey Meatloaf 11.99/#
Our house special juicy organic turkey meatloaf!  Tender sautéed organic vegetables and organic ground turkey, perfectly seasoned and slow roasted with sweet roasted tomato sauce.

Grass Fed Beef BBQ Beef Brisket 16.99/#
We start with grass fed beef brisket and rub it down with our own sweet onion and garlic spice rub.  It is slow roasted until fork tender and succulent then sliced and served up with grilled onion and organic Triple Crown BBQ sauce.

Organic Chipotle Chicken Breast 15.99/#
Organic boneless chicken breasts marinated in our organic smoky chipotle seasoning.  We grill them over an open flame and serve them up, well-seasoned and juicy, with sautéed organic mild chiles and organic sweet onion.

Organic Italian Chicken Breast 15.99/#
Organic boneless chicken breasts marinated in our organic garlic herb seasoning.  We flame grill them and pile them up with sautéed organic Italian vegetables.

Lasagna (Beef, Chicken or Vegetable) 64.99/pan (serves 8-12)
Rich and hearty with local RP’s pasta, layered up with our house-made tomato marinara, local mozzarella, local parmesan, and your choice of grass fed beef, shredded organic chicken or organic grilled vegetables.


Sweets & Treats

Made in-house from scratch

Organic Cookies 32.99/12
Assorted varieties of homey organic or gluten free cookies made in-house by our own bakery specialist.

Organic Bars, Brownies and Cake Squares 36.99/12
Assorted varieties of rich organic or gluten free bars, brownies, and cake squares made in-house by our own bakery specialist.

Grass-Fed Organic Buttercream Frosted Cakes (call for availability and prices)
Moist delicious 5” or 8” chocolate, yellow or 8” carrot cake frosted with home-made grass-fed organic buttercream.


Catering- mix & match

recommended options to apply towards room rental fee

  • LG Croissant Platter 12/ea $24.99 +optional $8.99 butter and jelly
  • Mini Croissant Platter 12/ea mini $11.99 +optional $4.99 butter and jelly
  • OG or GF Muffin Asst $36.99
  • OG Sml Fruit Platter $55.99
  • OG Sml Crudite (veg) Platter $49.99
  • Mini WrapTray-$49.99 –Same as regular option contains 6 whole wraps/ 12 pieces.
  • Coffee/Tea $23.99
  • We also have a wide variety of juices, natural sodas and other beverages including beer and wine available.