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Healthy, Organic Standards

Healthy, Organic Standards

While we have many of the same departments found in a conventional grocery store, it's our healthy and organic standards and emphasis on local products that set us apart.Read More »

Buy Local

Buy Local

Consumers worldwide are rediscovering the benefits of buying locally grown food.Learn more here »

Upcoming Events

  • Memorial Day Hours

    We will have special hours on Memorial Day!

    The store will be open from 9am-7pm.

    The cafe grill will be open from 9am-3pm and we will be serving our weekend brunch menu (no hot bar)


  • Creating a Vibrant Health and Avoiding a Health Crisis


    Dr.Van Westen and his team share the importance of nutrition in daily life as well as the long term impacts it has through this interactive up beat class. Valuable tips are share to help get you on the right track to optimal health. Dr. Van Westen will also be available to answer any and all health questions you may have.

    To register for this event please contact Dan at 262-737-4159 or email  dejan.optimalperformancewi@gmail.com.

  • What is the Endocannabinoid System & How Can Hemp CBD Help It Work?


    Learn exactly what the Endocannabinoid System Is and what ways that system helps us stay or regain our Natural Homeostasis.

    Curious why Hemp CBD has everyone's attention? Learn how nourishing and Detoxing the Endocannabinoid System with Phytocannabinoids helps with a vast array of health problems.

    Dr Eileen Karpfinger, Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor is visiting from Northern California. She's well researched and teaches about the Endocannabinoid system throughout the US. You can learn more about her at DoctorEi.com or find her radio show podcast called Hempire on iTunes, Stitcher, or IHeartRadio.

    Click here to register!

  • How to Effectively And Easily Detox Glyphosate, Mold, Heavy Metals


    Our Modern Daily Lives expose us to toxins that can store in our tissue. Most illness is borne from these toxins reaching threshold. Learn what areas of our lives are creating the most toxicity and how you can change your health and happiness outcome by detoxing.

    There are ways to detox now that are far easier and rewarding than what we have had access to in the past. Learn the Art of Detox, when and how to do it, and what results you can expect.

    Dr. Eileen Karpfinger is visitng from Northern California. She is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor for 18 years. But she's been helping people cleanse and detox for 24 years! She is also the host of a Radio Show called Hempire where she focuses on Series that cover conditions like ADHD, Autism, Alzheimers, PTSD, and LYME.

    Click Here to register!

  • Holistic Moms Network - Lake Country


    The Holistic Moms Network is a non-profit organization providing support, community, and resources for all aspects of holistic living - from nutrition and alternative health, to gentle parenting and eco-conscious living and much more!  Because we understand that everyone has their own interests and passions, and may be at a different place in their holistic journey, we offer a non-judgmental community. Our meeting will focus on getting to know each other better and setting the ground work for our new chapter.  

    Please email HMNLAKECOUNTRY@gmail.com for questions and to register.

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Visit the Cafe

Visit the Cafe

With the only organic salad bar and hot bar in Southeastern Wisconsin, lunches in our Harvest Cafe are popular.Read More »

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