Local Vendor of the Month

Good Harvest is proud to carry over 150 Local vendor products across 40 counties in Wisconsin!

Every month we feature one or more of our local Grocery vendors and offer their products at special discount up to 20% off!  

This gives our customers a great opportunity to try new products, plus we want our customers to love our local products as much as we do!

In December we are featuring:






Previous Vendors of the Month

Acala Farm
Becky's Blissful Bakery
Bushel & Peck's
Café Fair
Chip Magnet
Chip Magnet
East Troy Honey
Fireworks Popcorn
Gitto Farm n Kitchen
Gorilly Goods
Honeyvalley Beekeeping
Indulgence Chocolatiers
Jabby's Dog Treats
Just Coffee
Naked Baker
Nikki's Cookies
Ona Treats
RP Pasta
Sasha's Dressings
Sippl's Sap Shack
Smokin T's
Susie's Nature Bars
Szczutkowski Orchard
Tabal Chocolate
Windy Drumlins
Y.S. Bee Farm

Click here to see a complete list of our local vendors