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  • Footwear 101

    Host: Jessica Jensen
    Fee: Free

    During this presentation you will learn how to select footwear that is appropriate for your body, budget, and lifestyle.

    Once a foot has been assessed we will discuss how variables such as: shape, size, height, weight, depth, materials, fastenings, and color play a role in determining whether an item is likely to work for someone.

    Understanding what drives comfort and performance equips shoppers with the questions they need to be asking of sales people and themselves before they go ahead with a purchase. This strategy keeps your feet happier and healthier by saying yes to items that function as a seamless extension of the wearer’s body and no to everything else.

    Our lives are greatly impacted by foot health. Few are taught the inside out upside down systematic approach experts use to guide them toward solutions that are likely to increase comfort while enhancing performance.

    The shoes you choose are either helping, hindering, or harming you.

    How safe are your feet?