Winter Health Fair


Join us for our Annual Winter Health Fair & Meet the Farmers Event!

Saturday, February 22nd from 11am-3pm

  • Meet local wellness professionals and enjoy free mini wellness sessions

  • Connect with local farmers and learn about their farms

  • Free Wellness Samples

  • Local Vendor Tastings

  • Enter to win great prizes

While you're here, you can enjoy a healthy brunch from the Harvest Cafe!


Local Wellness Professionals:

David Fife, Lake Country Acupuncture:  Offering full pulse & tongue diagnostics, trigger point therapy for pain, and rapid release technology with high vibrational massage therapy.

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants can enter to win a free treatment package or a Chinese herbal tonic (12 prize giveaways in total).

Dr. Amina Ahmad DC, AA Spine and Rehab Clinic:  Offering blood pressure check, PIR stretches for the trapezius, hamstrings, and piriforms, and trigger point work on the neck.

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants can enter to win $40 off a chiropractic exam.

Rev. Julie T. Piek, Rei Essence:  Offering Energy Modality = Reiki

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants will have the opportunity to pick a prize at random.  Prizes include a full Reiki treatment ($65 value), a crystal and more.

Jen Kroll, Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Spa:  Offering Reiki sessions.

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants can enter to win a 60 minute Reiki session with Jen or a 30 minute Vibrational Sound Therapy session with Mary Beth Rezek.


Liliana Cortes, TVG-Medulla LLC/Chiro One Wellness Centers:  Offering spine and posture checks.

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants will receive a free water bottle.


Charity Prager, Thrive Health & Wellness, LLC:  Offering mini BioScan testing session on the right hand that measures the galvanic skin response using 7 pressure points related to different body systems which is a guide to areas of the body that are balanced, stressed or weekend.

**GIVEAWAY:  Participants can enter to win a Full Health Assessment which involves 58 pressure points on the hand and feet ($130 value).


Local Farmers:

Olden OrganicsGwenyn Hill Farms, Clover Meadow Farms.  Learn about their farms, the products they grown, answer any questions you may have and share the importance of supporting our local farmers.