Customer Kindness

Without our awesome customers, we wouldn't be here today!  We love our customers and value your opinions greatly!  


Kind Words From Our Customer Family


“For the past year-and-a-half, the Good Harvest Market staff have shown me that there are people who choose to cultivate an environment of genuine interest in others' well being, even in retail. I applaud all of you for making a choice to serve others in such a way. GHM is truly a special place. I am grateful for its existence and I spread the word often.”   ~Tiffany


“I just wanted to thank you and your husband for creating such a wonderful store where we can buy healthy, organic food and other products.  Everyone who works there is always so nice and helpful.  I really enjoy the health fairs you have, and the free samples at the health fairs- the organic seeds were great, and the skincare samples and more!”


“I have had the pleasure of perusing and shopping in your Good Harvest Market! I found it by accident when my grandson was born (my son and his family live nearby).  I was extra excited to find Primal Pit Paste that I can add my oils to!   Where do I begin?  I mean a place that has kombucha on tap and yummy juices, the meat market with the amazing breakfast sausage and all grass fed beef. Oh my, I really could go on and on.  Thank you for providing such a place!”  ~Chris


“It is time to express my true GRATITUDE for the investment you have made, the belief in your community, & your vision for the expanded & AMAZING Good Harvest!  My shopping time is ever-increasing at your store, as I find your prices are competitive & your offerings a healthy  choice.  I just want to say how important it is to me, as a long-time customer, to see familiar faces like Julie, and Kyle, and the lovely dark hair woman in the face care/health care dept. (not pulling up her name at the moment in my head?).  They are dedicated and wonderful to see.  May your success be ever-flowing & growing.”  ~Jill


“I absolutely love the new store. And your staff is so friendly and helpful; everyone of them is great! They all deserve praise for the jobs they do.”


“I have never had a bad shopping experience there ever! Blessings, love and light.”  ~Kathy


“Bravo!  I've visited your new store 3 times and am soooo happy with it!  The produce is fresh, the selection of gluten free items is extensive, and the homeopathic remedies are outstanding.  A clean, well stocked store with fantastic employees!  Always very friendly, always very helpful.  Thank you!  It's truly an enjoyable experience to shop with Good Harvest!”  ~Pam


“I don't feel like it is a store. Your thoughtful design planning is apparent and really enjoy every shopping experience.  Thank you for investing in our community.”  ~John


“I went to Good Harvest Market today for the first time and finally found my favorite grocery store! Healthy, organic, grass fed beef, huge selection of really tasty and healthy groceries. I couldn't believe it. The prices were great too! They had samples of chips and salsa and it tasted so fresh and was on sale for 2/$4. I have been paying about $5.50 locally for one jar of organic...sometimes paying that much and it's not even organic! It may be a long drive, but I'll be back...often! Can't wait to try their cafe!”  ~Gail


We would love to hear from you!  Please email us with questions or comments and help us keep our store in tune with what you have grown to love!