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2017 Existing Card Member FAQs


What do I have to do to change over to the new program? 

It’s super easy!  And if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, we are here to help you!  There are two ways to register:

  • Download the app from the App Store onto your mobile device, create your account login, and scan your current ECO card. Our app is called “Good Harvest Market”. 
  • Or, Register your card online at

See below for specific instructions.  Registration does not begin until January 1, 2018!


What if I lost my ECO Card? 

No problem!  We are here to help.  We can link your current account by looking up your name and/or phone number to get your card number.  Then all we have to do is enter your current card number manually.  Easy!


What if I don’t have a Smart Phone? 

That’s ok.  We can still link your current card online so that you can continue to enjoy in store sale prices.  But in order to receive any special offers or coupons you will have to go to the online portal and push those offers to your cart before you go shopping so that you can receive the full benefits at checkout.


What if I am having trouble linking my current account?

We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for all of our customers.  We will be having a “registration week” where you can stop in and we will get you all set up.  Look for details on that in the near future! 


Can my family use the same loyalty rewards account? 

Yes!  All of your family members will need to download the app and log in using the same account information.


Can I use the app at the café counter? 

No.  The café and store are on different systems.


Can I still earn a gift card rebate? 

The program has been enhanced so that you no longer have to wait for a rebate gift card.  Any rebates earned are automatically added to your account which means you can start enjoying savings much sooner than before!


How does the new rebate program work?

Beginning in January, a new rebate program will go into place.  Once you sign up for the app, or register your account online, you will earn a $6 coupon for every $600 you spend on a quarterly basis (1%).  The rebate period starts over every January, April, July and October.  Every time you hit $600 in the quarter you get $6 automatically added to your account to use on your next shopping trip.  In addition to the rebates earned, you will enjoy special coupons and offers just for you!


Why did you change the program?

Digital rewards programs have become increasingly popular over time.  This new program is a much more efficient method for us to reward your loyalty with the click of a button and allows us to stay on top of current retail trends.


What if I still have the old Good Harvest app on my phone?

Please delete it from your phone.  The old app has been obsolete for over a year and will no longer work.  


Current ECO Card User Registration Instructions: 

  1. Download the App “Good Harvest Market” from the app store
  2. Open the app and click “Register Here”
  3. Select “Yes” if you had an ECO Card in 2017
  4. Click the Green button that lets you scan your current card – it will ask for access to your camera – say Yes and scan your card.  If you lost your card, manually enter your ID number.  If you don’t know your number, we can look it up for you in our old system.  (See below for instructions to enter your ID manually)
  5. Enter the rest of your account information and click “Submit”.
  6. Finally, agree to the app “terms” by checking each box and submit.
  7. Log in with your new user information and start using the app!


How to manually add an ECO Card number:

Enter your card number beginning with “041”, followed by zeros, and your personal ID number until you have a 12 -digit number.  (12345 below are examples of an ID number)


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