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  • Green Drinks Networking Group

    Host: Joanna Salinas
    Fee: Free

    WCGT Green Event: BATS!

    (Please note: We have updated the group name from Green Drinks to Green Events)

    Bats in Wisconsin are important part of the state’s ecosystem acting as pest control for many different insects. Unfortunately, the deadly bat disease, white-nose syndrome, is sweeping through North America and causing mass mortality in hibernating bats. Come learn about the bats of Wisconsin, how the Wisconsin Bat Program studies these elusive creatures, and how you can help bats in your area.

    Presenter Heather Kaarakka has worked as a conservation biologist for the Wisconsin DNR for over nine years. She works primarily with bats and the Wisconsin Bat Program, and coordinates the citizen-based summer bat roost monitoring project. She is currently working on a Masters project at UW-Madison Department of Wildlife Ecology, using volunteer-collected data to investigate summer habitat use for two rare species of bats in the state.