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  • Twilight Cafe

    Host: Kelly Teague
    Fee: Free

    This isn't about the setting sun. It's a lively chat about death over something delicious to eat and drink.

    Welcome to Twilight Cafe, an interesting (and possibly fun!) conversation about something we don't always want to talk (or think) about.  Death.  Why would anyone want to sit around and talk death with strangers?  To connect. To share life experiences. To embrace the inevitable together.

    Please make your purchases at the Good Harvest Cafe counter before seating. Seating is limited to 10 adults.

    Twilight Cafe is not a grief support group.  It is based off the international model Death Cafe ( ), which provides space to talk death and eat cake. The hostess, Kelly Teague, is a Certified Death Midwife with, a Funeral Assistant at a Schramka Family of  Funeral Homes, natural burial advocate, and has over 20 years interest in thanatology. She enjoys talking with others about death and dying.

    Questions and to RSVP can be e-mailed to