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  • Somatic Movement

    Host: Tricia Engelking
    Fee: Free

    Frustrated with muscle tenderness, tension & pain?  Learn how to add mobility as you get older with Somatic Movement by Tricia Engelking, Clinical Somatic Movement Educator.

    Muscles stay contracted in tension when the brain isn't communicating effectively with your muscles.  Learn how Somatic Movement restores communication pathways between your brain and muscles so your brain can turn off contraction.  Learn how those same movements improve free movement patterns especially when we practice them every day.

    Reflexes hold our muscles in constant unconscious, involuntary contraction when the brain isn't talking to all of our muscle fibers.  Determine which reflexes are holding your muscles and learn some sample seated pandiculations that begin to release muscle tension.

    Tricia Engelking is a Clinical Somatic Movement Educator at Abundant Joy in Oconomowoc, WI.  She teaches classes and works with clients privately in a clinical setting. 

    To register, please contact Tricia at (414)520-5715 or email her at