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  • Creating your natural Chemical Free Lifestyle with author/speaker Angela Cummings

    Host: Lake Country Holistic Moms
    Fee: FREE

    Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of living with chronic illness, “bad allergies,” or brain fog?
    Have you been overwhelmed by the 100,000+ chemicals in our food, clothing, household items, building materials and personal care products?

    Learn how to avoid the chemicals in our everyday products that may be causing chronic illness, breast cancer, thyroid disease, brain and nervous system issues, organ damage, and over 140 other medical conditions.

    Angela Cummings, author of
    “Organic Lifestyle Made Easy: How to create a chemical-free household one step at a time,” will give you strategies for living an organic holistic lifestyle through:
    -explaining how chemicals are affecting human health
    -where these chemicals can be found
    -easy action steps for choosing healthier products
    -strategies for getting chemicals out of your home and life

    Thursday March 7th 6pm Good Harvest Market Cafe. Bring a friend. Lap babies welcome. 

    The Holistic Moms Network is a non-profit organization providing support, community, and resources for all aspects of holistic living - from nutrition and alternative health, to gentle parenting and eco-conscious living and much more!  Because we understand that everyone has their own interests and passions, and may be at a different place in their holistic journey, we offer a non-judgmental community. Our meeting will focus on getting to know each other better and setting the ground work for our new chapter.  

    Please email for questions and to register.