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  • Waukesha County Green Team Zero Waste Meeting

    Host: Waukesha County Green Team
    Fee: FREE

    Volunteer meetings for anyone wanting to reduce waste and single-use plastic use in the Waukesha County area!

    The Zero Waste and Recycling Interest group is working on community composting, organizational waste audits, ditch the straw campaign, school programs, and more. Everyone is welcome to attend! Contact Joanna with questions.

    The Waukesha County Green Team is a voluntary organization of Waukesha County residents who care about the environment in which we live and raise our families. We are concerned about the quality of our water, our food, the air we breathe, and preserving the phenomenal natural resources, abundant in our County. We believe that Waukesha County will continue to be a great place to live for years in the future if we continue to educate ourselves on the wise use of our resources and take action to preserve those resources for today and future generations.

    The Waukesha County Green Team is an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any state or local government agencies.