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  • Why We Get Fat and What to do About it

    Host: Dr. Zelda Okia
    Fee: FREE

    Does it seem like you eat and eat, yet continue to feel starved and empty inside?

    How often do you overeat to feel good, only to feel awful afterward?

    Join me in this class where we will delve into these issues above.
    In addition, you will gain a better understanding of why it is so difficult to lose weight. 

    Why it seems like our bodies can intentionally work against us when we most wish to shed those stubborn pounds. 

    Why we can eat the exact same thing as someone else and they remain thin and lean, while our own waistline continues to expand.

    I am Dr. Zelda Okia. I am a Forensic Pathologist and Life and Weight Loss Coach. I struggled with these same issue and frustrations when I began gaining weight as I reached my forties. Since my grandmother, mother, and aunts were all overweight, I believed I would be also. But through working with a coach, I was able to lose weight, feel great, and I am living my best life ever. I wish to share the power and strength of coaching to help others gain control over their weight and move forward to even higher levels of greatness.I look forward to sharing an engaging and empowering evening with you." Thank you.
    Dr. Zelda Okia