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  • Dr. Andy & Wellness Way

    Host: The Wellness Way
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    Dr. Andy & Wellness Way

    Every Other Tuesday evening Dr. Andy Treutelaar holds timely discussions on health issues that occur with many of us, and includes a healthy dinner from Hop Harvest & Vine.

    To see a list of topics and dates, plus to sign up for one of these sessions click on this link:  Wellness Way Classes

    More About Wellness Way - Waukesha

    Dr. Andrew Treutelaar, BS, DC, is a Wellness Way team doctor and lead clinician of The Wellness Way office located in Waukesha, WI. In 2004 Dr. Andy started and opened Waukesha Chiropractic & Rehab.

    In 2011, Dr. Andy formed a partnership with Dr. Patrick Flynn and The Wellness Way in Green Bay, WI to create a Wellness Way office that serves southeast Wisconsin. Dr. Andy has taken a revolutionary approach in healthcare to help transform his patients into leading healthy and fulfilling lives.