Making Changes for the Better (Part II)

Posted to: Wellness Blog by Renee Scheer on Jan 4, 2017

In my previous article, I talked about some small changes you can make in your daily life if you are on the path to wellness. Many people like to think big and set big goals when it comes to making life changes and New Year’s resolutions, so if you are someone that fits into that category, I’m here to share with you the benefits of living a natural and organic lifestyle for better health and a better world.

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Why Local is Better!

Posted to: From the Aisles by Renee Scheer on Aug 9, 2016

Fresh, locally grown food doesn't just taste delicious – it's better for you, your community, and the environment, and Local First Milwaukee agrees!  Here, they provide some great information about the benefits of locally grown food.

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