September Store Update

Posted to: From the Aisles by Lauren Crichlow on Aug 29, 2014

We're preparing for Fall here at Good Harvest...which is actually quite exciting! This month in produce, look for the major expansion of apples and local items like potatoes and squash. Hear about our upcoming major wild salmon sale, fresh grass-fed bison, a new local tea, and free organic soda with a cafe pizza purchase.

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The Benefits of Maca

Posted to: Wellness Blog by Dr. Joanne on Jun 12, 2014

I’ve been hearing a lot about Maca. What is it good for and is it something I should take?

If you are fatigued and need some support for your energy or are looking to nurture your endocrine system, Maca may be a really nice addition to your wellness regime when added to your diet as a food.

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How to build up your immune system?

Posted to: Wellness Blog by Dr. Joanne on Feb 28, 2014

I was wondering if you can tell me how to build up your immune system? My daughter is 14 and has cough variant asthma which means every time she gets a cold her asthma is bad.  I would like to build up her immune system so she doesn't get sick.  Also how to increase her energy?

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Preventing Flu and Cold, Naturally

Posted to: Wellness Blog by Dr. Joanne on Jan 1, 2014

There are two steps to beating the cold and flu. The first step is prevention. Keeping your immune system strong and your stress low is the key. However, if you do get sick, simple nutritional and herbal therapies will help you recover quickly. The Cold Wet Sock treatment is great for stopping a cold in its tracks...

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