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Face Mask Requirement Update

Posted to: Owners Blog by Joe Nolan on Jul 31, 2020

Dear Customer –

Per Governor Evers mandate starting August 1st, all Customers and Employees are required to wear a mask inside the store (face shields are not considered a mask).  Since we have a goodly number of customers with health issues, we will err on the side of safety by limiting the days and hours that anyone who is exempt from this mandate can shop.  
We will continue to welcome those of you who meet the following exemption to shop on Mondays and Fridays, and we will also add Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays between 8 pm and 9 pm so that you can take advantage of the discounts on those days. 
The only exemption from the mandatory mask requirement is for people with medical conditions, intellectual or developmental disabilities or other sensory sensitivities that prevent them from wearing a face covering.
Our early opening hour of 7-8 am Monday-Saturday remains for those who are immune compromised but masks are mandatory during that hour for all shoppers (no exemptions).  
As a reminder, we offer our Good Harvest To Go online shopping 4 days each week, as well as daily curbside pick-up orders for the Harvest Café (262-232-8866).   

For those dining with us, your face masks are not needed while you are seated at our dining tables inside.  Please do wear them anytime you are walking about the store or café however, and continue to socially distance even when you are wearing your mask.  If you are seated outside, face masks are optional.  
So in summation, if you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons per the new mandate, you can only shop Monday and Fridays, 8 am to 9 pm, and Tuesday thru Thursday 8 pm to 9 pm.  All other hours require shoppers to have masks on.   Thank you for your compliance.

As always, your health, as well as the health of our employees and other guests is very important to us, and we want to continue being your source for healthy foods and products and a place to feel safe as you shop and dine.  

Thank you!
The Cast & Crew, Good Harvest Market and the Harvest Cafe

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