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Good Harvest rated #5 Health Food Store in the United States!

Posted to: Owners Blog by Joe Nolan on Aug 8, 2016

Good Harvest rated #5 Health Food Store in the United States!

Today we received a link to an article written by The Daily Meal, which "produces more culinary content than any other resource". The article was titled "The Top 11 Health Food Stores in the United States", and ranked Good Harvest Market number 5! Here’s the list:

#11 Trader Joe’s
#10 Sprouts Farmers Market
#9 Big Bear Natural Foods, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
#8 Fairway Market, East Coast
#7 Wild Oats Marketplace
#6 Whole Foods Market
#5 Good Harvest Market, Pewaukee
#4 Bi-Rite Market, San Francisco
#3 Local Foods, Chicago
#2 Kimberton Whole Foods, Philadelphia
#1 LifeSource Natural Foods, Salem Oregon

Here's what was written about Good Harvest:

Good Harvest Market is the smallest health food store on this list. With one location in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Good Harvest is able to provide the utmost care and attention to its natural products, its impact, and its community.

The store was built using recycled materials and with as many energy-efficient components as possible. The heat from the refrigeration units, for instance is used to heat the store, reducing carbon emissions. In fact, Good Harvest pays for 100 percent renewable energy through the We Energies Energy for Tomorrow program.

No plastic bags have ever been used for packing groceries; instead, paper or reusable canvas bags are always used. When it comes to the steadily growing sustainability movement, Good Harvest Market is at the forefront.

Other recent accolades - voted one of the top 3 Best New Stores in the country for 2015 by Natural Food Merchandiser (NFM) magazine and website. Prior to that NFM also voted it one of the top 3 Best Community Stores for 2014.

Thank you for helping us make Good Harvest Market what it is today!

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