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June: Summertime Update

Produce: Have you tried our local asparagus, spinach, and arugula? Also, enjoy the sweetest variety of onion - it's Vidalia season!

After a long winter, we are all excited to welcome back some local produce. Janet from Turtle Creek Gardens has been making deliveries of arugula, spinach, and asparagus, often available for sale the same day she picks it! We also have brought in Vidalia Onions, often considered the sweetest variety of onion. These onions are grown in unique soil conditions that result in a superb taste that is truly unique and delicious. Another great product we've received is a variety of heirloom tomatoes. They tend to have more flavor but also have a shorter shelf life. With these "inbred" tomatoes you tend to get a variety of With these "inbred" tomatoes you tend to get a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We also have great news for gardeners. We will soon be receiving bags of Hartland Organic Worm Castings to help your plants flourish. Worm castings, also known as vermicompost, are a highly nutrient dense organic fertilizer. This is a product that has really come full circle, the castings began as food waste donated from our store! 

- Steve, Produce Manager

Grocery: Enjoy some ice cold Rishi tea on your front porch this summer, and be sure to check out our barbecue essentials for your next cookout!

Now that things are starting to heat up, enjoy some ice cold teas from our June Featured Local Vendor: Rishi Tea. We also have everything you need to throw an awesome backyard barbecue. From our Woodstock natural wood charcoal, to our organic & non-GMO condiments & chips, make this summer one to remember with our help. Don't forget to check out some of our organic and local spices, seasonings, and marinades! Shop Local Fridays will also continue into June, so get ready to save on your favorite local products. See the calendar for more details.

- Michael, Grocery Manager

Deli/Café: Summer is here and we have all your favorites!

Stop by our deli case and discover some fresh new salads, perfect for picnics and barbecues. We carry two kinds of coleslaw, one a mayonnaise-based and the another a vinegar-based dressing. Did you know the term "coleslaw" came from the Dutch term "koolsla", meaning cabbage salad. The "kool" part is the Dutch word for cabbage and the "sla" part is a Dutch abbreviation of the word "salade". Other popular Chef's Case favorites in attendance: Backyard Potato Salad and my personal favorite, Chipotle Potato Salad. Join us on the Lunch Hot Bar on June 4th for National Cheese Day and June 25 as we cook up a true southern favorite for National Catfish Day.  Brooke will be serving special dessert on June 6th for National Applesauce Cake day (applesauce makes and excellent substitute for oil in most pastry recipes).  It's Peanut Butter Cookie Day on June 12th - join us all week as we feature our in-house made gluten free peanut butter cookie that week on sale.

- Kelly, Deli/Cafe Manager

Meat:  June 5th is National Sustainable Seafood Day!

If you haven't fired up the grill yet, June is here with plenty of warm weather in the forecast.   Some favorite choices include brats, ribeyes, bone in chicken breasts and thighs, and whole chickens for beer can chicken. Looking for something different?  Fish is a wonderful choice and June 5th is National Sustainable Seafood Day, so visit our seafood case and celebrate with us.  All of our seafood is rated and verified sustainable and environmentally responsible by non-governmental rating or certifying organizations. Like our supplier, Fortune Fish, we believe it is our responsibility to carry only seafood sourced from environmentally friendly wild fisheries and aquaculture. Using these standards, we hope to do our part in preserving the aquatic food supply and ecosystems.  Don't forget about dad.  Father's Day is June 15th and so isNational Lobster Day. Stop by Good Harvest Market and pick up some lobster along with a hearty porterhouse steak to create an unforgettable surf and turf dinner for him.  The month will wrap up with yet another national food day, June 25th is for Catfish which will offer a tasty treat from the grill.

- Brian, Meat Manager

Wellness: We have everything you need so that you can enjoy the outdoors without harmful chemicals this summer!

It's summertime, and we'll all hopefully be out enjoying the weather. However, protecting yourself from the elements can be a challenge if you're trying to lead a natural lifestyle. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Stop by any time for recommendations on natural sunscreens and bug sprays that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals. We'd also be happy to help offer relief to those allergy sufferers with holistic treatment approaches! As always Dr. Joanne, our Resident Naturopathic Doctor and Wellness Educator, is here every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-7 and is available for personalized recommendations.

-Erin, Wellness Manager

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