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March Owner Update

Posted to: Owners Blog by Jody Nolan on Feb 28, 2014
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Top Sellers

We recently ran a report on the top selling 20 items over the most recent 12 months.   12 of the 20 were fruits and vegetables, 6 of the 20 were meat and chicken, and the final 2 were individual bulk eggs and bulk coffee.     Can you guess what the #1 seller was?    Email your guess to  Joe@goodharvestmarket.com.   We will choose one of the correct guesses to win lunch for 2 in the Harvest Cafe.           


It is very important that we keep a close eye on not just our competitors, to make sure that prices are not out of line, but also our distributors, as wholesale pricing of similar products can often be substantially different.  For instance, recently we found a new source for many fruits and vegetables that will allow us to drop our retail prices on our berries by an average of 20%!   That same distributor will allow us to drop our organic banana pricing from 99 cents to 89 cents.   And you might be interested. like we are, in our new packaged 5 ounce mixed greens.  We had recently been selling these, which were in the plastic rectangular containers, for $3.99 each.   We are now offering more eco-friendly packages for just $2,79 each, a drop of 30%.  

Would you benefit from a cleanse?

In Ayurvedic and Yogic sciences, cleansing is a time honored tradition that benefits your physical, mental and emotional well-being and is often the first stage of a healing process.   The purpose of a cleanse is to remove toxins that clog your cells and organs which can cause a weakened immune system, metabolic conditions and poor digestive health, insomnia, fatigue and many more unhealthy imbalances. 

I (Jody) participated in Jamie’s cleanse last spring and found the experience uplifting, energizing and highly beneficial.   The instructional booklet Jamie offers is totally comprehensive—covering everything you need to know to truly detox your body/mind/spirit.    And cleansing with a group made it fun and supporting.    Many of these practices I continue today…. like tongue scraping, body brushing, deep breathing, and I still use her detox spice mixes and amazing soup and drink recipes.

On March 16 from 2-3:15 pm, Jamie Durner. of Ayurveda Wellness in Brookfield, will introduce you to her upcoming 7-day group spring cleanse which starts the following week on March 23.    This free introductary class is an opportunity for you to hear about how this unique detoxification program works.  

We'll See You in the Aisles!
Jody (& Joe) Nolan, Owners

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