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Posted to: Owners Blog by Joe Nolan on Dec 29, 2013

9 Good Years!   That is how long we have had our website, and like anything as it ages, time was taking its toll.   We had increasing difficulty making changes, adding pictures, creating new content, and we finally made the decision in 2013 that we needed a new look, with updated technology and a refresh of our content.   

So, what's new and improved?   Well, for one thing, the front page now has a section which shows our upcoming events and classes.  It also has a Blog section with recent postings.  And speaking of the blog, there are now 3 sections titled:  "Owners Blog", where we will periodically post our random thoughts, the "Wellness Blog" which will be postings by our Naturopath answering questions you pose and timely health topics, and "From the Aisles" with items posted by our department managers.

We also have our Harvest Café menus - our food menu, our drink menu (juices, smoothies and coffee drinks), and our catering menu.   We also have a "Special Diets" page, and there you can find our "Gluten Free Shopping Guide", our "Vegan Shopping Guide" and our new "Sodium Content Shopping Guide" for those trying to reduce their salt intake.  

We hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to send us your thoughts.  And while we think we have found all of the "bugs", please let us know if something doesn't work quite right so we can correct.

Good Harvest Market Website

 Wishing You the Best New Year and We'll See You in the Aisles!

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