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Owners Update - Do you suffer from Lyme Disease?

Posted to: Owners Blog by Jody Nolan on Jan 31, 2014

Lyme Disease from an infected tick.    Not easily detected and extremely challenging at best to treat and eradicate, has hit close to home.  This tiny little bacteria-producing insect (first identified in Lyme, Connecticut) can affect any part of the body and mind, leading down a path of multiple systemic disease diagnosis and management.    

The symptoms can be so broad and seemingly unrelated to each other, that Lyme Disease—“the great imitator”-- has been ignored or trivialized by the medical profession.  
It is not uncommon for people to have seen fifteen doctors prior to a Lyme diagnosis.  Who would ever imagine that manifestations of autoimmune insufficiencies, sleep disorders, chronic rheumatologic complications, random shooting or burning sensations that migrate around the body, digestive issues, urological issues, heart arrhythmias, attention and memory problems, shortness of breath, and a whole host of psychological symptoms—could possibly be related?  

If you or a loved one can’t figure out why you can’t get better, consider testing for Lyme.  While this is not the Hudson Valley where this bacteria is rampant, we do live in a state where deer roam through our forests and yards.   And beware, not all testing is created equal.    An extremely ill, bed-ridden friend of mine tested negative for Lyme for 10 years until the proper doctor was involved, the right tests were ordered, and a reliable diagnostic lab was used.   She is a healthy person today.

If you would like names of doctors in our area who are versed in identifying and treating Lyme, please see our customer service desk.

We'll See You in the Aisles!
Jody (& Joe) Nolan, Owners

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