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How to build up your immune system?

Consider herbs and nutrients that boost the immune system and have an affinity for the lungs.

For general immune support consider Elderberry, Vitamin D and probiotics. This is a great foundational supplement program during cold and flu season and is useful for children and adults.

For someone with asthma and seeking support for energy, I recommend the herb Schisandra chinensis and the medical mushroom Cordyceps sinensis.

Schisandra is an adaptogenic herb often used to combat stress and improve energy levels. This herb and others of the adaptogenic class are useful when deeper support is needed to build the immune system and are especially indicated for people who tend to become ill frequently. They also build vitality and can help improve energy levels. Schisandra has an affinity for the lungs and has been show to benefit many lung conditions, so it would especially be indicated for someone with asthma or someone who tends to get upper respiratory tract infections.

Cordyceps sinensis is one of several medical mushrooms that come from the Chinese herbal tradition. The medicinal mushrooms have been extensively researched in china and have shown many health benefits. Cordyceps helps increase stamina, endurance and energy, and is popular among athletes. It has been shown in clinical studies to improve fatigue and has a long history of use in chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma. Studies have shown it to improve lung function. It can take about 6 weeks for persons with asthma to see improvement, so give this mushroom some time to work.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest makes quality preparations of both Schisandra and Cordyceps.

For cough, particularly a cough from bronchitis or ones related to asthma, the herb English ivy helps to open the air passages and relax the bronchioles, assisting in easier breathing. This herb is available as the product Bronchial Soothe by Enzymatic Therapy. Directions for adults and children are listed on the package.

Note: The following supplement recommendations do not replace the need for asthma medication or rescue inhalers. Speak to your healthcare professional before making medication changes and to inquire about herb-drug interactions. 

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