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Natural Joint Pain Treatments

Posted to: Wellness Blog by Dr. Joanne on Jan 22, 2014

Curcumin, glucosamine and chondroitin are three natural supplements that can help protect your joints and reduce pain. Curcumin, a substance from the spice Tumeric, is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound that can help reduce pain from conditions such as arthritis. Curcumin has also demonstrated anti-cancer effects in clinical studies. Even WebMD, which is often reluctant to recommend supplements has positive things to say about curcumin! Curcumin has many long term health benefits and is safe to take daily for long periods of time for general wellness. Curcumin is often dosed at 325-750mg/day depending on the severity of pain.

Good Harvest carries a highly absorbable form of curcumin in the product called Curamed by Terry Naturally. This company has another formulation containing curcumin called Curamin. This combination contains Boswellia, another anti-inflammatory herb, and may provide even further pain relief in more chronic and severe pain conditions.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are also beneficial for joint health. Glucosamine helps provide nourishment to the joint and stimulates joint repair. Chondroitin helps keep the cartilage in the joint healthy. Glucosmine is typically dosed at 1500mg/day. Standard doses of chondroitin 800-1200mg/day. Good Harvest has several products containing these two substances.

Need some help choosing supplements best suited for your individual needs? Come in and talk to our Naturopath, Dr. Joanne.

All supplements mentioned in this blog are available at Good Harvest Market.


Marcia C. kasza commented 2014-02-02 10:19:14
I do experience a fuller range of motion and adequate pain relief. Why does Curamin cause me to be "warmer" than usual? In winter this is a plus.

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